Brand New Roof for Excelsior Home

November 4, 2015

Steel Roofing

While well-insulated roofing is important anywhere in the world, it is especially vital for Minnesota’s frigid, icy winters. Drafty roofs with poor insulation can spell a host of problems here in the Twin Cities, including ice buildups, exorbitant heating bills and cold interiors.

Last May, Metro Steel Roofing and Construction installed a new roof for a home in Excelsior that had been dealing with insulation issues. We turned a poorly insulated hot deck roof into a well-insulated and vented roof deck with a vented metal roof. Once completed we eliminated the home owner’s ice dam problem.

For nearly 20 years, Metro Steel Roofing and Construction has been installing steel and metal roofing for residential houses, commercial buildings and churches. Beautify and protect your home, business or church with high quality, energy & insurance saving steel roofing that are able to withstand severe winds and hail and will last a lifetime.

Our shingles, shakes, tile and standing seam roofing products enhance and conserve fine homes, churches, and other buildings throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro area, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota. Our trained and experienced installers and our customer support team are always available to meet your needs. We focus on increasing your building’s value and protection, making your home, commercial property or church the worry-free and comfortable investment it should be.

Visit Metro Steel Roofing and Construction’s website to learn more about our roofing services and the free estimates and consultations we offer throughout the Midwest. Stay tuned for more blog posts about our latest steel and metal roofing projects!

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