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December and January Roofing Projects

February 14, 2017

Metro Steel Construction has been hard at work these past couple months installing roofs all over the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. From commercial restaurant buildings to residential homes, Metro Steel Construction is here to help you beautify and protect your home with high quality, energy and insurance saving steel roofing that will last a lifetime.

Three Standing Seam steel roofs were successfully completed with the tools and training from Metro Steel Construction.

Viet Noodles opened their doors in July of 2005.  Their business has been growing as people discover their friendly atmosphere and efficient service.  In July 2013, they moved to New Brighton. They firmly believe they serve the best Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine available anywhere at any price.

Our team at Metro Steel Roofing and Construction remodeled and reinforced Viet Noodles old roof by replacing it with a Standing Seam commercial steel roof, completing the project in December of 2016.



Another Standing Seam project that was completed was a residential steel roofing project for an athletics field building at Jefferson High School in Bloomington, MN. This was completed in January of 2017.


A common question Metro Steel Construction receives about their residential steel roofing is how it would look in a neighborhood. They ensure it will be the last roof you’ll ever need! The roof of your home is arguably the most important part of your home; it’s the foundation that shields your interiors from sun, rain, snow and storms. Metro Steel Construction has 18 years of experience and are specialized in the installation of residential steel roofing in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota.

This standing seam steel roof was installed on this home in Stacy, MN in January of 2017 as well.



Visit Metro Steel Roofing and Construction’s website to learn more about our roofing services,commercial roofing, and the free estimates and consultations we offer throughout the Midwest.

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Metal Roofing System Install 7 Years Later

February 10, 2017

Metro Steel Roofing and Construction has been installing steel and metal roofing for residential houses and commercial buildings for over 15 years and is the leading steel roofing contractor in Minnesota offering metal roofing and wall systems for commercial buildings.

Over this winter, Cliff Vosburg and his team have been working on a special project just outside of Minneapolis. Seven years ago, a roofing ventilation project was done and featured in The Metal Roofing Magazine ( The magazine is now renamed to Construction Magazine Network. The project back in 2010 was on the two-story office park, Offices of Marsh Run, comprised of several buildings, to help with a ventilation problem due to leaks caused by ice dams on the eaves of the roof. Vosburg was called onto the scene after a few years to lend his expertise because the asphalt shingles didn’t solve the problem. The Metro Steel crew covered the new plywood with Feltex synthetic underlay and topped it with Metro’s Shake shingle, which allowed proper ventilation between the two.

Fast forward to December 2016 through January 2017, Metro Steel Construction and their excellence was called back to the same location to do another installation, a vented MetroSHAKE roofing system of a back office building that is sized around 6500 square feet.

Here are some photos of the project:






Visit Metro Steel Roofing and Construction’s website to learn more about our roofing services and the free estimates and consultations we offer throughout the Midwest.

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