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Commercial Metal Roofing

Protect your investment.

At Metro Steel Construction, we understand the importance of a dependable roofing system for large buildings. A durable, sturdy, and watertight roof is key to protecting your business and reducing maintenance. With the tools and equipment to handle flat or sloped structures, we’re leading the industry in commercial metal roofing and wall systems.

Metal roofs can reduce building energy and insurance costs. With a lifetime of up to 50 years, steel roofing materials are fire, storm, hail, and wind resistant, providing a dependable solution for industrial buildings. We offer the following products:

Our commercial flat roofing includes:

  • EPDM
  • Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) and ISO tapered system

Our professional installers have the technical expertise and knowledge to handle the complexities of commercial projects in a timely and efficient manner without disrupting building operations. We take into consideration rooftop access and traffic patterns, local code requirements, drainage and ventilation, and other considerations. From consultation and planning to field supervision and clean up, we’ll exceed your expectations.

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Commercial Metal Roofing