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Painted Steel Shakes & Slate

Painted steel shakes provide the look of authentic wood and are engineered to resist severe weather and last a lifetime. Available in an extensive palette of vibrant colors that will not chip, crack, or peel, painted steel shakes are virtually maintenance-free and fully recyclable. Their paint coating reflects the sun, keeping living spaces cool and energy bills low. Painted steel shakes are installed without costly and time-consuming roofing battens and will last four times longer than a natural wood roof.

Slate roofing has been around for hundreds of years, providing rock-solid protection and a distinctive texture and style. Painted steel slate offers the timeless beauty of natural stone without the weight and cost. Painted steel is fire-resistant, fully recyclable, energy-efficient, and protected by a 50-year warranty. Available in countless colors, steel slate reflects the sunlight and absorbs less heat than typical roofing material.

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