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Churches are a cultural centerpiece in many communities. Their unique architecture is often recognizable for miles, standing out as a pillar in rural areas and cities alike. One of the most complex and integral components of a house of worship is the roofing system.

Church towers, spires, concealed gutters, parapets, and steeples require specialized equipment and training to ensure proper installation and a secure roof.

Metro Steel Construction offers specialty roofing installation for religious facilities. We combine more than 20 years of technical expertise and industry knowledge to provide a comprehensive consultation before every church project. Our team is highly trained to make sure the project site is safe for parishioners and pedestrians in and around the worship center during installation. Our roofing products offer weathertight protection, unmatched durability, aesthetic value, and a 50-year warranty.

At Metro Steel Construction, we take great pride in providing customer service that honors the charitable donations your hard-working congregation has given to build and maintain their place of worship. We make every effort to preserve its precious history and respect your investment.

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